A Letter to Brides Looking for a Wedding Photographer:
You’re probably on an adventure to find the best photographer to document your wedding day, but I’d love to take a minute and let you know how to make your experience that much better. Typically speaking, wedding photographers are in the business of love, hence why they choose to photograph weddings. There’s something so exceptional and exciting about capturing the union of two souls, and it’s an honor photographers don’t take lightly.

To enhance your experience and to make sure wedding planning fares smoothly, here are some tips to ensure your wedding photographer has everything s/he needs to capture your special day.

1. A Little Research Can Go a Long Way
In the reality of the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, try to prevent the impulse to simply book the photographer your second cousin’s best friend used at her wedding or choosing from preferred vendors from a generic list. While you may think it’s easy and a list can be readily available, you can run the risk of hiring a person whose photographic style might not be what you want. Take the time to find a photographer who not only fits in your budget, but also incorporates your aesthetic vision.

2. Communicate, Don’t Procrastinate
Communication to your photographer is the most important thing you can do throughout the wedding planning process. Take time to reach out to your wedding photographer outlining the progress of events before the timeline is finalized. Sharing the special details throughout the day, decor designs and asking for feedback about the layout of the day is worth its weight in gold. Don’t hesitate to be proactive with your questions to make sure everyone is on the same page.

3. The Wedding Timeline : The Earlier, The Better
If a photographer gets the timeline a couple days before wedding, it can lead to a great deal of details being overlooked. Feel free to ask your photographer how long s/he will need for certain photos and together you can draft a timeline that balances the portraits and the partying. As soon as a rough draft is illustrated (sometimes, it usually takes 4-5 weeks in advance for coordinators, caterers, and the venue), send it to your photographer for feedback. This way, your photographer will have all of the details and can really digest the specifics and events of the day.

4. The Most Valuable Asset is Trust
As perfect as every photograph you’ve pinned in Pinterest looks, the one thing is to trust that your wedding photographer will capture your wedding day in the most flattering way possible. Yeah, sure, you might have seen that pose or this angle, but it’s important to give your wedding photographer freedom to create unique moments of your day. The more you let go of the idea of those preplanned photographs, the more your photos look and feel entirely your own with your personalities shinning though.

5. Relax + Let It Go
It’s so important to realize that things will go wrong on a wedding day. They always do. Your hair and makeup crew is late, the ring bearer lost the ring pillow, Uncle Ted is stuck in traffic and you can’t start the ceremony until he arrives. Don’t choose to let these things ruin your day. Your wedding is ultimately about the union of your souls becoming one and celebrating the next chapter in your life, so don’t sweat the small things.

5 Steps To Make Your Wedding Day Experience Better

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